Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a double major in Fine Arts/Graphic Design and Communication.

Cindy sees the intersection of her fields of study as natural and inevitable. As a designer, she strives to communicate with clarity and creativity, harnessing ideas with powerful and compelling visual and technological tools. Her communications background helps her apply cultural and social understanding to better reach consumers of public information. Cindy sits at the apex of their collision where each world informs the other, perpetually balancing art, form, and function.

During her studies, Cindy represented USC fine arts students as president of the USC Roski Fine Arts Student Connection.  She also handled graphic design for USC’s business school’s website and promotional literature.  Outside of the academic realm, Cindy is a lead graphic designer for world class enterprise software and occasionally handles graphic design for a video game or iPhone app.

Cindy has been engaged in art as far as she could remember.  Prior to USC, she graduated valedictorian from the Orange County High School of the Arts.  She has won numerous awards and art competitions for her artwork, and she has more artwork on display at USC than any other artist.


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