Elgin Zulueta

Elgin ZuluetaElgin Zulueta was born in Manila, Philippines but now lives in sunny Santa Monica, California with her best friend, a hamster, and a fish. As a child, “Elle” was known as the rambunctious little one with a thirst for spontaneous adventures. This exploratory spirit compelled her to move to the states where she now heads business development for the International Academy of Film and Television / Bigfoot Entertainment and writes a weekly column titled, “The EZ Life” for the Asian Journal. She is also a writer for the Examiner.com featuring culture and events in Los Angeles. Elle loves to cook in her spare time. You may often find her sharing new recipes or an intimate dinner with friends and family. While hanging out with her sidekicks, the outspoken yet, ironically camera-shy Elle manages to attract all the attention in a room with her warm sense of humor and love for laughing. Elle’s unconventional, modern sense of style doesn’t hurt either. Standing at only 5’3”, this fashionista still dreams big with the help of her dream board where she posts all of her aspirations regarding love, career, and family according to official Feng Shui guidelines. Of course, all these things come second for this single mom after her love for her two sons, Franco and Inigo, who inspire her every day to live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


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