Jennifer Ashraf

Jennifer Ashraf Kashmi, (Founder, Publisher & Editor) of ‘Sticks & Stones’  Anthology Series, completed her O’Levels and A’Levels from Chittagong Grammar School. Further to that she completed her LLB (Hons) in Law from Middlesex University (UK) and her Post Graduate Legal Practice Course at the distinguished College of Law (Bloomsbury, London, UK), following which she qualified as a solicitor. Jennifer is currently an university lecturer during the day, a corporate lawyer in the evenings and during the weekends she writes for The Daily Sun. She is the health columnist for Groove Magazine and Features Contributor for Morning Tea Magazine, supplements of The Daily Sun. A writer since the age of 11, she began her literary career by writing for Rising Stars, Lifestyle and then later Star Weekend Magazine (supplements of The Daily Star Newspaper). Over 210 of her works (poetry, fiction, articles and musings) have appeared in both national and international print media.


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