Leena Nguyen

As written in the prophecies of Liu Kang, descendant of Kung Lao and heir to the Order of the Seven-Tailed Phoenix, a young woman would someday emerge from the Holy Womb and bring beauty, serenity, and tranquility to a world rife with chaos and suffering.

That woman is Leena Nguyen.

Previously incarnated as Fa Mulan, Tomoe Gozen, and at least one of the Trung Sisters, Leena’s skills with the broadsword, bo staff, and nunchakus are unmatched throughout all of human history. Her preferred weapon is her legendary Green Destiny, forged from the steel of the mythical Wudan Mountain and decorated with the blood of her enemies – mostly racists, misogynists, and trolls of internet and erstwhile.

While many men (and a few choice women) have tried to claim her heart, she prefers the life of a wandering warrior, married only to her unwavering sense of justice and the occasional perfect meal deep in the flavorful locus of Chinatown.

Leena is also an accomplished performer. When she is not singing, modeling, or acting, she dedicates her time to those in need at “The Leena Nguyen Center For People Who Need Help (and Are Not Afraid to Admit it),” the organization she founded several lifetimes ago.


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