Lenna Stites


Lenna is a book blogger and aspiring author based in Los Angeles, CA. Born to an American father and a Japanese mother, she has had the privilege of living with two cultures. Though she has spent most of her life living in Southern California, in 2008 she spent a year living abroad in Tokyo, Japan, and she would like to see herself spend some time in the UK. She has a passion for literature and writing, and holds a Bachelors degree in International Studies and Japanese Language & Literature from the University of California, Irvine.

She is currently employed by Singapore Airlines Cargo, working at LAX International Airport, where her major responsibility is to ship unknown kilos of cargo to Singapore and beyond. Her current job is not related to the writing industry, but it is proving to be inspiration for a piece of short fiction, and when she is not busy working for the airline, she is writing in and managing her online book blog.  Confessions of an Inner Aspen is where she writes book reviews, posts discussing books and literature, as well as author interviews and occasionally her own short fiction.  She, along with a close friend, are also working on starting their own online literary journal to be named Barque Lore. You can find out more about Lenna and her writing by visiting her blog at www.inner-aspen.blogspot.com.



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