Mai Bui

Before serving as the editor in chief for the Thirteen Minutes magazine, Mai had written for a handful of publications. His passion to serve the community has earned Mai numerous radio and television interviews.  Of distinguished notoriety is Mai’s work to promote college to first graders. “The Future is Now, I’m Going to College” program introduces these children the college experience, including the comprehensive enrollment process, class attending, and graduation ceremony. While teaching in the M.B.A. program at Hope International University (Pacific Christian College), Mai partnered with the Orangewood Children’s Foundation to create the City of Hope—an Orangewood’s program that helps foster youths prepare for emancipation when they turn 18. He also presented numerous financial aid workshops, and helped establish a Guardian Scholars Program for those interested in attend the college. Because of his volunteer work, Mai was featured in the Foundation’s News Letter.

Mai loves spending time with his family and friends. He enjoys playing tennis, cooking, singing, and eating.


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