Mai Quynh Bui

Mai is currently an intern at Asiance Magazine. She’s a student at Seminole State College of Florida where she is pursuing her degree in Business and Information Management. Living close to the happiest place on Earth (Disneyworld), it wasn’t very hard for her to emulate the happiness into her bubbly personality. With the dreams of making a name for Asian-Americans, it became one of the biggest struggles in her life to find balance between life in America and holding on to heritage. Though it was a rough beginning to accept both cultures in her life, she always had a role model to guide her through her struggle, a native Floridian name Jin Au-Yeung. As she still updates herself with Jin and his career, it was because of him that she became more aware of what was important in her life and continuing to pursue in helping people becoming culturally aware of the Asian-American community in the entertainment and lifestyle industry.


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