Michi Fu

Michi Fu is an ABT (American Born Taiwanese). Though she was born and raised in Southern California, Michi spent  humid summers of her childhood with relatives in Taiwan visiting nightmarkets and hot springs. Although her parents conducted commerce in the States, they would pretend to not understand English so that she would be forced to speak Taiwanese at home.  Being able to speak in Taiwanese and Mandarin would serve her well later on in her volunteerism for the Taiwanese American community.  Although this meant that she spent her first couple of years as an English as a Second Language student, she looks back in wonder that she is now able to publish for academical and leisure purposes. This speaks to the American dream that her parents pursued as young newlyweds.

By day, she mentors students and works for a non-profit reducing mental health disparities among Asian Americans.  For fun, she enjoys making music, visiting other parts of the world, being active outdoors (including dragon boat racing with Team Taiwan), exercising the creative part of her brain (such as playing with Cold Tofu improv troupe), latin dancing, discovering good eats, operating various vehicles in all-terrain, musical concerts, and the performing arts.

Her role models are:  Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King, Jr., Madonna, Gandhi, Princess Diana, Lady Gaga, and her mother & grandmother.  She hopes to emulate their courage, wisdom, compassion, and creativity in her work and play to make the world a better place.



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