Mina Kurata

Mina Kurata is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  She graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature and a minor in Business Administration.  Mina has always had a love for the performing arts, so she moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue a career in acting.  While living in LA, Mina was baffled by the number of screenwriters, playwrights and novelists she encountered but was always so inspired by their passion and creativity.  Mina eventually decided she wanted to try her hand at writing and had just started searching for an outlet, when she stumbled upon this book project, which she is thrilled to be a part of.

After three and a half years in Los Angeles, Mina has now returned to the Bay Area and lives in Lafayette with her husband and two cats, Gordo and Yoda.  Mina continues to pursue acting jobs in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles and also hopes to progress with her writing.   In her spare time, Mina keeps herself busy with a slew of hobbies ranging from martial arts to cooking but is currently occupied with organizing and decorating their newly purchased home.


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