Nancy Yoon

Nancy and her husband Thomas currently live in Vienna, Austria with their two year old furry baby, Boobsi, the dog wonder.  She has been seen in many TV shows, commercials and movies including C.S.I. Las Vegas, Days of our Lives, The Bill Engvall Show, Demon Hunter, and hosting for Adidas and Starz.  She has also held many positions handling strategic marketing and PR for Disney, Fox, LG and managing International Relations/Talent for Life Ball, the biggest AIDS charity in Europe.  One of her highlights was meeting President Clinton three times in one week.  She is proud to be part of the 13 Minutes Magazine family and was honored to grace the cover of the premiere issue.  After a three year stint living in Germany and Austria and traveling all over Europe, she is looking forward to finally moving back to her homeland, Los Angeles (the BEST city in the world!) and eating all the Korean food she wants…


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