Quyen Ngo


Quyen is the Managing Editor for A Melting Pot of Thoughts. She grew up in Southern California after her family immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam. Following studies in Economics, English, and Computing at UCLA, she spent the first season of her career within national Sales/Marketing roles at technology and media companies including AT&T and DIRECTV.

Within the community, she serves as a youth leader and current President of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society at her church; coordinates Dong Hanh-Christian Life Community’s Southwest Region Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YaYA) team; and is a founding member of the national YaYA Ministries team.

Quyen’s interests include faith, traveling, design, photography, writing, and outdoor adventure. Her passions for the arts, emerging technologies, and young adult development have led her to her current role as a strategic consultant for nonprofits and new businesses.

Quyen’s professional profile can be viewed at linkedin.com/in/quyen.

Photos: Tam Lontok


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