Victoria Phan


Victoria Phan is a second-year undergraduate studying at the University of California, Irvine.  She hails from the city of Fountain Valley, well-known to be a “nice place to live.” And a nice place it is indeed, albeit a little too quiet for her tastes. As such, she dreams of being a globe-trotter in order to expand her knowledge of the many cultures that make this world so diverse. Victoria has much to attribute to her ever-supportive family—a traditional, yet lively Vietnamese household that has taught her to not only cherish her own traditions, but to become aware of and embrace the traditions of others around her. When she has time on her hands, Victoria likes to enjoy the company of her friends and family, browse Facebook and Reddit, read, shop, and satisfy her always-hungry stomach.  A Political Science and Psychology double-major, she aspires to one day practice the law as a respected attorney—an ambition she hopes will one day lead her to living in the Big Apple.  Victoria is extremely honored to be a part of Miso for Life, as she believes cultural identity to be the spice everyone needs in their own little bowl of life.


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