Yuka Sano

Yuka is an international rising star who is embarking on an inspiring acting, film production, music, and modeling career. She loves to travel, having visited many countries around the world. Adventure came early to Yuka’s life. Growing up in the North East part of Japan, when Yuka was 16, she bought a one way ticket  to Tokyo. Shortly after settling in, while she was walking around her neighborhood, she was scouted by an acting and modeling agency. Soon she found herself working as a model and being in the theater, television and in magazines.

Highly sought after in all the arts, she was soon signed to a contract with a Warner Bros music label in Japan and began working on a debut album. During the time she was signed with Warner Bros she began taking vocal classes and had an experience which would change her life. Her music composer/professor taught her about American music and the creative freedom that artists enjoyed there, which was radically different than the overly structured Japanese market. Yuka then made it her goal to come to the US despite knowing little English, and soon moved there without friends or family to stay with, and without any support structure except her dreams.

Yuka’s gambit paid off. She has become in constant demand as a commercial model and actress, recently earning her SAG and AFTRA memberships. She has begun screen writing as well as directing and  producing her very own movies. As a beauty queen, she is currently representing Japan for the annual Miss Asia-USA contest.  She also took off months from her busy career to donate her time in charity events with the World Vision organization after the devastating tsunami in March, 2011. Her efforts to raise money for the victims included speeches, as well as participating in charity fashion shows, beauty pageants and cultural Kimono modeling presentations. Yuka is the very image of an exceptionally talented, intelligent woman with a drive to succeed in everything she does.



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